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Dear Odders,

In 2 years of this blasted pandemic, I have uncovered the value of crisis, sorrow and bereavement. I have read beautiful poetry and stories giving odes to sorrow as if it were the finest Venetian Silk, seen tears slip through like the famed Indian Muslin once slipped through a ring. So like Rilke discovering beauty in solitude, I tell you to cling to your oddness, your brash laughter, the act of taking a breath like an everyday revolution. 

I am honoured to present:

Odd Poetry: Angelline Schellenberg, Gordon Meade, Ivan de Monbrison, Mathew Friday and rob plath

Odd Shorts: Catfish McDaris, Glen Armstrong, Keith Hoerner, Liam Pezzano, Mark Russo and Peter Cherches. All stories are illustrated by Lizzy Campbell

Odd Art: Enrico Artis, Paul Warren, Lizzy Campbell

Odd Interview: Richard Fox interviewed by Gary Cummiskey


We have good news! Odd Books #2 is now available - our most ambitious project till date, bringing together prominent voices from the Syrian creative resistance. Shipping possible anywhere. Get a taste of the book here. Kindle version available here. For physical copies, send us an inquiry to

Against the odds,

Always, #StayOdd!

Sreemanti Sengupta


The Odd Magazine and Odd Books

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