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Compositio-Alien Ad 

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Floating Goddess​​

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Walking Girl

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Young Dancers

Enrico Artis is an illustrator and "alternative" cartoonist, working for several independent publications and self-productions.

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Pere Sousa created the Merz Mail Factory in the 90's from which he has promoted various experimental poetry meetings, mail art exhibitions and the publishing of artistic publications. He has compiled the poetic production of historical avant-garde, especially Kurt Schwitters. He has participated in numerous recitals of phonetic poetry. Schwitters said that "all the material perceived by the eye is
appropriate for art, so all sounds found are appropriate for poetry",
and following this maxim has been creating texts to be recited as found poems. His visual work is at the crossroads between photomontage and collage. Editor of the mail art zine P.O.BOX (1994-1999) and 598 (2002-2019), now editing the website He has recently published Illustrated
History of Dada. Photos found? photomontages? The true history of Dadaism.