Take a sad song, and make it better..

The fabric of a time like this the stuff of unimaginably intricate embroidery. One stitch dropped here, one pulled there may just be the difference between a masterpiece and a disaster. I will not repeat what’s being said, a danger so imminent and immediate that ignoring it is as unreal as the situation itself.

So there.

I can do what I have been doing for 8 years today. Get the odd juices flowing, voices humming as always creating a small space for those who’ve been there despite that.


Step in to Oddity 20 – you know you could do with a break from the Flix.


Odd Poetry: Adrian Manning, Arja Salafranca, Brian Rihlmann and Wayn F.Burke

Odd Art: Collaborations: Don Yorty-Md Akram, Jan Theuninck-Herman Van Rompuy, Margarita Ilieva-Milon, Neeti Banerjee (Text and Art), Sreemanti Sengupta-Ana Viviane Minorelli

Odd Interviews of Benoit Delaune by Gary Cummiskey (in English and French)

Odd Shorts: Charlei Swailes, Gary Cummiskey, Kari Gillespie, Robert Keith and Yrik-Max Valentonis

Odds Video: ‘Round Around’ – a film by Yogi Rajput


This issue is the inspiration and the strength that I can give you and I.

Stay Strong. Stay Safe.

And always, always #StayOdd.


Yours Oddly,

Sreemanti Sengupta


The Odd Magazine and Odd Books