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Howdy Odders!

So for two months now I've been thinking, "What could be a good scenario to suffer from really, really dry eyes?" (that's not weird because, I've spent hours thinking of the purpose/role of mosquitoes in the food chain and questioned their right to existence, among other things) and I came with the odd thought that maybe a good time would be to have it that in-between-ing stage for the boys (yes 'male') who get the 'he cries like a girl' thing ever so much. Now, young man, try as you much, the tears will betray you and you will march off into playground sunset (maybe a #HimToo in the offing?)



Know what's really tear-worthy? This:


  • Odd Poetry: Bruce McRae, Liam Pezzano, Mendes Biondo, Michael A Griffith and Sara Lefsyk

  • Odd Shorts: Mathew Roy Davey, Robert Masterson, Michael D Smith, Michael Onofrey and Riham Adly

  • Odd Interview: Poet John Dorsey in conversation with Gary Cummiskey

  • Odd Art: Oliver Neumann

  • Odds & Ends: Daniel Y Harris

  • Odd Video: Tuda Muda


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I'll leave you gleaming eyes to shed tears of joy over this epic issue.


As always, #StayOdd!


Sreemanti Sengupta


The Odd Magazine and Odd Books


Greetings from the driest pair of eyes on this side of the world!