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There's lodda odda good news from....

The first Odd Book is out and trust me, you can now talk about something other than Meghan's 20 foot wedding dress veil trail! Here's a sneak peak:


The Innards is a one-of-a-kind little mag mini featuring a collaboration between The Odd Books and Blink Ink (by Doug Mathewson). Here's what you get:


Words: Yours Truly: Sreemanti Sengupta: Freestyle Prose/Poetry exploring the darkness and levitation of where the extremes of emotions take you.


Inside Art: Janne Karlsson: Dark, Tongue-in-cheek. You're in for some


Cover: Adam Kluger: You'll know when the mini explosion hits you


Edited and distributed by: Doug Mathewson from Blink Ink


Blink Ink Subscribers: Get it free with your June Blink


For others, join me in the oddilicious journey by subscribing to a year's worth of Odd Books for just $14. Click here to subscribe


Want to know what's in store? Go right ahead and explore

Stay Odd!


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