You've got mud on your face!

Aand we're at it again! Oddity 16 is on the wheels folks. And this time, with a growing appetite. You can now browse all the goings on of our weird world at our site here .  Which includes (pinch me, please) updates on the Odd Books (First of which is out by the way - hit the News page, will ya?), our growing team and other lovely things.



Right. About Oddity 16. We've hit the sweet spot again.


Odd Poetry - Ann Christine Tabaka, Catfish McDaris, Feby Joseph, Howie Good and Jay Passer


Odd Shorts - Doug Mathewson, Howie Good, Mathew Roy Davey and Niles Reddick


Odd Art - Jim Zola, Aditya Marskole


Odd Interview of Rethabile Masilo by Gary Cummiskey


Odds & Ends - Mark Blickley and Pooja Kamble


Our latest venture 'The Odd Books' is looking out for your support. You can find all details here along with the subscription link. I really really hope we can have more kimud-faced kids on the block. See ya!


Stay Odd!


- Sreemanti Sengupta

The Odditor