For many years Steve Poleskie produced artworks in the sky by piloting a specially built and painted Pitts Special biplane through aerobatic maneuvers while trailing smoke. He called this Aerial Theatre, often collaborating with artists of other genres during these events. One of his most successful works was Sky Dances of the Maumee (part of the Toledo Festival in Ohio in 1984), for which this drawing was made. Here he collaborated with the Valois Dance Company and the Tower Brass Quintet. The site was ideal as it was over The Maumee River, which passes through downtown Toledo. The dancers and musicians performed in a public space along the banks and communicated with him by radio. The weather co-operated perfectly. It was estimated that 90,000 people witnessed this event.

Stephen Poleskie is a writer and an artist. His writing has appeared in journals worldwide, and in five anthologies.  He has published seven novels. His artworks are in the collections of numerous museums, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York.  He is a Professor Emeritus at Cornell University. Poleskie lives in the USA.