"If this feels like the end, there must be a beginning lurking somewhere"

I told myself this myself 5 years ago, sometime in May 2012, when things were falling apart. The Odd Magazine was not an idea, it was a need. It was not a venture, it was survival. To this day, the magazine survives and celebrates all that I have personally faced as a misfit and the odd one out. The one who coloured outside the lines, who spoke out of chance, who never found the right or the perfect way to belong. 

This journey, traversing this valley of oddness, of coming into contact and befriending the brilliant, the shy, the overwhelmingly talented odds across this blue globe has been humbling, joyous, reassuring and something that I go back to again and again.

So here we are, 5 years odd. Oddity 15 keeps true to it's name and has for you the creme de la creme of the world's oddness:

Odd Poetry: Gary Cummiskey, Christopher Stolle, Lana Bella, Jan Oskar Hansen and Leah Mueller;

Odd Art: Zoe Nikitaki;

Odd Theatrics: Steve Poleskie

Odd Shorts: John Lowther

Odd Interview of Lee Beckworth by Gary Cummiskey

Odd Feature: Sophia Terazawa

So save your winter week for us, folks. Sit back and sip on the odd broth, and do continue to support me in this journey which is spectacular in every way.

Happy New Year!

Stay Odd!

Yours Oddly,

Sreemanti Sengupta

The Odditor

The Odd Magazine