HALLUCINEMA the sunset of a thousand windows on fire – Paris hallucinated carousel in flames – opal-stained moroccan sky & boreal lipstick screaming « kaltes klares wasser » Lady Godiva high on opium riding a mad star from a faraway dream dayglo Napalm Girl running through the blindfold billboards of Times Square, Babylon & Babel now metamorphosed into a JUNGLE  – Ashoka's L'oreal masks - Moai faces looming out of the dust debris – BLOODY YR HYMEN - The Secret Verb slits through the fabric of reality
- words stripped of all moral/utilitarian value & prejudice run around & dance like feral children carrying les clés des situations naked maenads intoxicated with dionysus THE JUNGLE the Emerald Isle like a trance mix of Coney Island, Mont Saint-Michel & Mumbai THE JUNGLE bullet-words raging thru the desolate arcade boulevards of New Tokyo the new hobo jungle - blazing plastic sutras noises saxophones - neoncarnations  - MeccaDonald's - canned paranoias hamburgers – Ugly Men transforming whirling shaman-bodies into Sysiphus meat & Aleppo Soap
this is a new dustbowl era & SchizoPoP Manifesto is its plastic prophet its dustbin flower assembling together all the stray flotsam & jetsam of daily life and mass media, morphing frigid language and sensationalism into this "pyromaniac 'shamanoise' poetry, vibrant and cannibal –


Welcome to this KLEPTOMANIAC HALLUCINEMA where all the EYES will be stolen! 








Henrik Aeshna is a poet, performer, multimedia artist and explorer living in Paris.
In 2009, Henrik sold off Van Gogh's ear in ground beef packages at a kiosk outside the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.
His "SCHIZOPoP MANIFESTO - TANTRIK ALCHEMY OF DAILY LIFE" was exhibited at Theatroom/Cité du Midi-Pigalle, Paris, in 2012, and he has organized/engaged in diverse performances, manifestations and participations at Palais de Tokyo, Louvre Museum, Halle Saint Pierre, Les Trois Baudets, Mona Bismarck American Center, and La Miroiterie (Paris), Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club and  Southbank Centre (London), and Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam), among others.