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"'Different' is a dead word. We are Odd."

Odd Poetry by Bree, Jay Passer and Myriam San Marco; Art by Sven Staelens; Odd Interview of Film maker Tsai Ming Liang by Snigdhendu Bhattacharya; Odd Review by Odditor Sreemanti Sengupta of 'Graphic Poems and Some More' authored by Janne Karlsson; Odd Shorts by Catfish McDaris, Doug Mathewson, Stephen Poleskie with drawings by Indranath Majumdar; Odds&Ends by Bassam Ahmad and Maysoon Masalha.....


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The Odd Magazine has made it to 10 issues!! That's itsy bitsy unbelievable. I started this little thing when things were really down and out for me, and well it's helped me put things back. 


Let's do this, fellas. Because the odds are against you. You were the kid who was bullied in school for not having a date on Sundays, bullied at parties because preferred to sit there and smirk as others drunk themselves silly anfd did cartwheels on the cramped floor, bullied and prisoned as an adult because you didn't know and didn't want to write/paint/see/dance just because you were subscribing to a pattern.


Right then. Let's get this on the road.





Be Odd. Be very Odd.


Sreemanti Sengupta

Odditor, The Odd Magazine








P.S. - As usual, a big thank you to oddball Snigdhendu Bhattacharya, contributors, all supporters and readers for keeping us alive. You rock.




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