Junkies, weedies, hippies, hippos, far-outs, swearers, punks, fringers, spitters, hollers, rockers, rollers, bangers, wrimos, risers, do-badders, artsies, bohos, don’t-fit-in-formatos, lazers, shruggers, hikers, Rimbauds, swingers, swaggers, jazzers, mooners, mads, weirdos, crackpots, crazies, ruts, roamers, gypsies, ghettos, dark horses, black sheeps, bah bah’s, woo woo’s, crashers, crooners, absurd, nonsenses, magicals, unicorns, neverlands, twinkies, shooters, rippers, square pegs, bottom uppers, down belowers, topplers, turners, goners, getters, losers, winners, shiners, bleakers, joyce joyers, Kerouacers, Joplins, 27 clubbers, rebellors, restorers, drunkyards, toilet typers, too far outs, changers, shamans, Gods, devils, angels, Lucifers, hikers, ziggies, zaggies, Odd Odd Odders…..


We’re baaaaack! Carpe Odde Nine-m


Odd Poetry by the wonderfuls: Jan Osjkar Hansen, Phillip Larrea, Volodymyr Bilyk and Late Mathew John Davies (a tribute); Odd Photography by the talented Eleanor Bennett; Odd Shorts by the amazing Misti Rainwater Lites with artwork by Claudio Parentela; Odd Articles by yours truly Odditor Sreemanti Sengupta; OddsEnds by the exhillerating duo Janne Karlsson & Wolfgang Cartsens….


Few changes…Odd will now be a biennial. Also welcome oddball Snigdhendhu Bhattacharya to the team. We now have an exciting facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/oddzine?fref=ts  (Go and have a look…NOW!)..And we’ll also be trying to upload ebooks of past issues, but that’s on the anvil.


Enough said. Go loose on this one.

And Be Odd. Very Odd.



Sreemanti Sengupta


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