• Sreemanti Sengupta


by Jan Theuninck

© Jan Theuninck

late at night

a mist

fills the valley

without knowing

it suffocates

like a dark power

on the fields

our dead bodies

and under the grass

a brown soil

Ypérite (Theuninck) — Wikipédia

Jan Theuninck (born 7 June 1954) is a Belgian painter and poet. Born in Zonnebeke, Belgium, he writes in Dutch but also in French and English. He wrote some political essays e.g."The poet and politics" in Dutch around 2002 and the openingstext of the book "Rimbaud et moi" in French in 2020. As a painter he's rather a minimalistic one working mainly with primary colors. His work in both media is guided by his social and political observations.

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