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Whew and wowza!

Being in touching distance to the end of what has been a unanimously devastating year, is well..touching. That, and the fact that flipping of another calendar page is not going to change everything makes me a little queasy – yes. But ‘tis the time alright! This is the time, where even the smouldering heat of the tropical city where I am from has to give in into a yawn and a snuggle. It is the time for that particular scent that I thought was magic until I was old enough to realize it was freshly made cake sailing out from bakeries, seducing the young and old alike. It is also the time where I am leaning out and watching the street vendor in my very unchristian locality selling sparkly lights, trees, Santa dolls and snowflakes. When we lock eyes, he knows he’s already made a sale.

And it is time for Oddity 21, you guys <3

Brimming with talent, and ringing with passion, our festive issue is all set to bring warmth and wonder to your winter.

Make way for:

Odd Poetry: Jan Theuninck, Jay Passer, Jesse Delong, John Dosey, Patricia Walsh and Samuel Strathman

Odd Shorts: Aldas Kruminis, Giles Goodland and Michael Cocchiarale

Odd Art: Soheyl Dahi, Eric Suhem

Odd Interview: Michael Wilson interviewed by Gary Cummiskey

Odd Video: Three Kids at the Labor Temple Bar -  Gregg Willard (Text & Audio), and Jan Karst (photos)

Snuggle up, and dream a little dream for the world.

Always, #StayOdd!

Yours Oddly,


Sreemanti Sengupta


The Odd Magazine and Odd Books

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