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An Arty Hearty Read!

Title: Sightseeing

Author: Michael Onofrey

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Clash Books 

Reviewed by: Odditor, The Odd Magazine

Let me start off by saying that this is a beautiful book. Yes, it is. You slip into a lacy liquid world, where everything seems liquid and uncomfortable; everything has a noted listlessness, and a lazy determination. Everything is so unnervingly possible that you begin to doubt yourself, you are the Alice who’s by now freaked by her wonderland and is frantic about the rabbit hole back to reality. That being said, the book in parts becomes obsessively beautiful like a make-up tutorial on the verge of going bad. The parallel conversation between art and life becomes a refrain that is less and less than a pleasant earworm and more and more like an annoying drag, diminishing the meticulously built up calm tension of the preceding pages. Reminiscent of a medley of narrative styles and existentialist philosophies, I will personally place the treatment of the subject higher than the uniqueness of it. Beautifully cinematic, ‘Sightseeing’ will be an experience for those on the threshold of modern and postmodern theories of art and cinema and an absolute delight for readers exploring the individual/concept continuum.


The Odd Magazine extends its heartiest congratulations to Michael Onofrey on this achievement.

Rating:  3.5/5 OddReads

Author Bio: Michael Onofrey grew up in Los Angeles. Currently he lives in Japan. A novel of his, Bewilderment, was published by Tailwinds Press in 2017

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