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Hey odd fam!

How’s the fam doing? 26 issues on, I know some of you better than the others, but you can say we’re all part of the same boiling pot. Like stars linked in a constellation, misfits of the world could easily form a luxurious society of oddness and brilliance.


Here’s to remind you that I love all of you. I know you are struggling. You are sacrificing, compromising, putting on a brave face. Sometimes you don’t want to get up from your beds as existential dread seems to be breathing down your neck. Sometimes you doubt poetry and art and start cataloguing how much time and money you have wasted on them. Sometimes, you shudder at the pointlessness of it all.


I know, I am there with you in those moments like an old friend. And I am trying to tell you that this little space has your back. Not that you need any validation, but you are part of this odd, brave galaxy, and you’ve earned every star in it.


I am honoured to bring you:

Odd Poetry: Christine Tabaka, Nivedita Dey, and Tony Pena

Odd Shorts: Doug Jacquier, Howie Good, Katie Coleman, Ken Poyner, Dr. Meghasri Dalvi, and Mike Aronoff

Odd Interview: Q in conversation with Sreemanti Sengupta

Odd Art: Ramesh Aundhkar and Ryatnama Dwiki

Odd Video: Jozsef Cufal


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I hope you enjoy going through this fabulous issue.

Keep rocking and always, #StayOdd!

Yours Oddly,




Sreemanti Sengupta


The Odd Magazine and Odd Books

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