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Edgy toes, gangly legs, restless thoughts, prickly hair, hands with nowhere to go, hormones living like they need a room of their own - remember what your 18th year was like? Well, The Odd Magazine is here, crossed the highs and hows and adulting in the no-no-est way possible. We've got a few wins up our sleeve - The 2019-20 edition of the Odd Books have received overwhelming support. For those haven't grabbed copies yet, check out the the Odd Books section on the main website and shoot me an email with request, My request to you remains for support in emotional and creative resistance, and with subscriptions to continue with our efforts this year that promise to be bolder, and a more abrasive comment on mqinstream oppresion. 

As ever, I bring to you the classiest poets and fiction writers across the globe with a spectacular feature on 'Synapse' - the newly released book on the history of Visual Text edited by Karl Kempton and Philip Davenport.

Au Revoir.

As always, #StayOdd!

Sreemanti Sengupta


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+91 9836576777

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